Introduction to COVE Alliance


COVE Alliance is a 5O1(c)(3) organization that was founded in 2005. It began as one man’s dream and became a growing network of caring, gifted people reaching out to the orphaned and disadvantaged children in Uganda. As a seminarian, at St. Mary of the Lake, Fr. Hilary desired to minister to the children in Kapeeka. He shared this vision for a school and healthcare center in his homeland to serve the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the children and their community. As a result COVE Alliance was founded, Land was purchased, a well(bore hole) was drilled to provide water and construction began in 2007. Since that time a medical dispensary, primary schools one through five, two dormitories, two kitchens and an administrative block has been added.

All because of the generosity of donors like you.

We have the support and interest from middle schools, high schools and universities. Students/delegates have traveled to Uganda, taught best business practices, developed areas to keep the children physically active, interacted with the children and their families, provided medical guidelines, and given HOPE to the community.

We have had 9 students who have graduated from their vocational schools and have jobs that will sustain them and their families in the future. This is the goal- SUSTAINABILITY. Twenty-Two students have completed 7th grade and passed the required test to enter Secondary school. Four of these will be graduating in 2013. Eighteen others will be graduating in the future.

Patrick Mwanira is one of those children who graduated from 7th grade and tested well enough to go to secondary school. He was orphaned and lived with his grandparents. Recently his grandfather died and his grandmother is frail. Yet he continues to respect his grandparent’s wishes to attend school, study hard and make a better life for himself and for his grandmother and future family. His relationship with his sponsor is a parent/child relationship. Even across so many miles the tears and support are there for him. He knows that, because he has received pictures, letters and gifts from his sponsor. He wrote a letter to his sponsor after the death of his grandfather. “I lost my grandfather. Now I am starting a new life because I am alone in this world. But I am still calling you my father and your wife my mother, even your children my brothers and sisters. With God’s help and power I will do well in my exams. Let the Lord God bless you. Your loving son Patrick” He tested well and is in Secondary School.

There will be a graduation ceremony for the sponsors of those children who have graduated from vocational school, at the Fundraiser on May 4, 2013. Please visit the COVE table in the narthex to purchase your tickets on April 13th -14th  & 20th – 21st and enjoy a fun filled evening of dinner, music, silent auction, raffles and the African Store. You can also learn more about COVE Alliance, from opportunities to sponsor a child, to volunteering your time to our inspiring organization. Visit for more information.

Fr. Hilary will be there to greet you on April 20th and April 21st (at St. Mary of Vernon Church located in Indian Creek) . There will also be a special collection during that Mass to help Fr. Hilary with his mission, the St. Jerome COVE Center, located in Kapeeka, Uganda, Africa.


Patrick 2006                                                Patrick 2012

Thank you for your generosity.