COVE (Children’s Outreach and Vocational Education) Alliance U.S. raises funds to support COVE’s presence in Uganda. The town of Kapeeka and the Diocese of Kasana-Luweero are home to COVE Alliance Uganda with its Children’s Outreach Program and site of the St. Jerome COVE Center.

We use our blog to share what we’re up to! Visit our website or our Facebook page to get more information on how to connect with us.

With the support of generous donors, the St. Jerome COVE Center is being developed in Kapeeka to give care to Uganda’s orphaned and disadvantaged children through COVE Alliance’s health clinic and education programs.

A two-unit dispensary was constructed at the St. Jerome COVE Center and began serving the area in August, 2008. A primary school, dormitories and staff quarters are being built at the Center in 2009-2010.

The health clinic will house medical offices, an outpatient area, a supply room, two sick bay rooms, and a washroom. When the St. Jerome COVE Center is fully operational, as funding allows, it will also include a library, a multi-purpose hall, a kitchen, and offices.

Many thanks to those who have supported COVE Alliance – together we are bringing inspiration and opportunity to people who are trying to build better lives. Through your continued generosity, we are working together to build a successful future.


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