Christmas at COVE

Christmastime in Uganda is a beautiful season, and at the St. Jerome COVE Center it is filled with cheer and wonder. The annual COVE Christmas party gives the children the opportunity to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and thank God for what they have been given and achieved through education.

At this year’s party COVE also celebrated the achievements of many of the students. Four young women graduated from vocational school, eleven students completed seventh grade, four students completed senior four (junior year of high school), and three young men joined universities.

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The celebration began with a mass led by Fr. Jerome; the Deputy Chancellor of Kasana Luweero Diocese. Co-celebrants were Frs. Hilary, Peter and Vincent. Christmas party attendees included: board members, health unit management committee, school management committee members, parents, COVE staff, community leaders, and of course the COVE children.

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The children decorated the COVE campus with crafts, flowers and balloons, and felt proud to see their contribution appreciated by the guests. Another excellent Christmas activity the children participated in this year was a play about the birth of Jesus Christ. The play was a definite hit with everyone that attended.

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All of the children also had a present to receive! This year their Christmas gifts were colorful blankets.

Merry Christmas!


Uganda Tour: A Field Trip!

gandhi 2The recent COVE day trip to Jinja (Eastern Uganda) was the first field trip for some of the COVE students. On Thanksgiving morning the COVE children departed to tour the source of the Nile River. Many of these children have never been out of their villages. They tell us they do not know what their country looks like, and are amused when we tell them how beautiful it really is!

marketThey have now had the opportunity to see it for themselves. This tour is the only full day trip that enables the COVE children to experience a wide range of outdoor educational activities in the natural beauty and serenity of the Ugandan country side. They visited a number of places: Nytil Industries (Manufacturer of clothes), Vitafoam (Manufacturer of mattresses), Owen Falls Dam, and Kasaku Tea Estate. Everyone had fun taking a walk in Mabira Forest and seeing the source of the Nile River. The tour also included a craft market, the National Football Stadium, ice cream (what trip wouldn’t be complete without it!?), the Gadafi mosque, and a statue of Mohatma Gandhi. The tour was educational and has added to their knowledge, amusement, curiosity, and adventure.

Peace and Prayer,



A time of Thanksgiving: Graduation from St Mary’s Vocational School

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It was so happy and joyful to see Miria, Leokadia and Josephine graduate on the 21th November 2014. Their first grades in hairdressing and cosmetology are great tidings for their future careers.

Joseph and Harriet (sponsorship coordinator), along with teacher Helen and nurse Bruno attended the 14th graduation ceremony on behalf of the staff. We want to congratulate them on completing their studies at St. Mary’s Vocation School.
COVE Uganda extends a big thank you to our beloved sponsors for all they have provide to see that these young women complete their studies.

We want to extend our thanks to the administration and the entire teaching staff of St. Mary’s for the efforts they have put to making sure that our girls acquire these skills.

There is saying which goes: “When you educate a girl, you are educating a generation.”

God has always answered our prayers.