Immunization Day

Immunization Day is an exciting time at the COVE Health Center. Please enjoy this entry about Immunization Day from health worker Mary Serbin. 

Every Wednesday of the week is immunization day at St. Jerome COVE Health Center. Several mothers and their babies start gathering as early as 9:00am; many are dressed up in brightly colored clothes, the babies dressed in “ruffles.” We have learned many things, like how to weigh the babies in a sling attached to a scale that is hung over a mango tree limb. Many of us were nervous that the baby might fall out of the sling, so three of us stood around the baby, ready to catch.

After weighing, everyone congregates in the clinic, mother and baby are waiting to receive either a vaccination injection or oral vaccine. Nurse Dorothy taught me and Dr. Philip how to dispense just 2 drops (gtts) of oral polio, and she also acquainted us with the information on each vaccination card. The rest of my group members enjoyed being able to help with the vaccination process and were very gentle with the children. Nurses Sylvia and Dorothy refreshed my injection skills and oversaw my DPT + Measles injection into many of the babies. I loved being able to interact with the lovely mothers and the beautiful babies.

St. Jerome COVE Health Center nurses are excellent in providing compassionate, comprehensive care to the patients. It was a pleasure and honor to work alongside Sylvia, Dorothy, Bruno and Joseph.

Mary Serbin