Indiana group working with the children

Working with the Children is awesome experience that helped us bond and gain insights into each other, we joined p.1 Class and the rest of the School on Wednesday of 23rd July/2014 at 2pm to teach art and craft. We taught them how to make friendship bracelets, and some children and teachers learned how to crochet. All of the children were very excited to participate and have their own crafts to take with them. The rooms were very crowded, and full of noise and movement! They did a very good job. It is awesome to see all of the students, teachers, and our team walking around campus wearing these bracelets. It brought all of us great joy to be a part of this activity!
It has been a huge privilege to pray with and celebrate Mass each day with the COVE family. It is just incredible that we can share this same prayer, even though there are language differences between those of us from America and the people of Uganda. Jesus’ love extends beyond country borders and cultural differences. Coming together to sing, dance, and receive the Eucharist is one of the greatest gifts of these two weeks. The children sing loudly and passionately, with love for God in their hearts! What a joy it is to be able to share our Catholic faith.
This morning, Monday, July 28, 2014, we spent time reading with small groups of children from P1 and P2. They are developing good reading skills, and are able to identify big words (like ‘xylophone’!). You can tell that their teachers work very hard with them. The older students came to help the younger students, and they are very proud of all they know. It won’t be long till these little ones are reading chapter books like the older kids! We enjoyed reading with the students and helping them learn a little more.
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Beautiful place beautiful Children!!!!!

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