Princeton Grow Team (GlobeMed) visits Uganda

“Traveling to Uganda for the first time, we had no idea what to expect. Being so far away from our families and friends was a little scary and intimidating. However, as soon as we met the staff and children, they made us feel extremely welcome, and within the first few days, we felt like a part of the COVE family.  We’ve made good friendships with a lot of the staff and children, whether it be playing games with the kids every day or dominoes with the staff every night. All of the teachers, nurses, and especially Joseph and some of the students have made this one of the most life-changing and fun experiences we have ever had.
During the day, we traveled to some of the schools around St. Jerome COVE Primary School. It was really nice to see the changes that COVE Alliance is making in the lives of the children sponsored at each school. We were warmly welcomed at the schools by the children and the staff, and we had the chance to interact with the sponsored children at the end of each visit. Although the children were initially shy, they started to open up once we asked them questions about their favorite colors, subjects, and future goals. Meeting the sponsored children has inspired us to get involved in the sponsorship process.
We’ve also had the opportunity to interact with the St. Jerome Health Center, and are expecting to help out with immunizations in the health clinic very soon. We also were able to survey St. Theresa  health clinic and discuss the problems or shortages that they deal with on a daily basis, which was very eye-opening. Over the years, we hope that we can not only build our partnership with COVE but also help out with some of the health centers’ needs as much as possible.”The Grow Team in Uganda ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????