Highland Middle School, located in Libertyville, Il began fundraising for a piggery, for the St Jerome COVE  Center in Kapeeka, Uganda, last year. Last month the building began and now you can see the results. Thank you for your generosity and your ability to give to those who are less fortunate.

Many of the delegates, who have gone to Uganda, yearn to be back again. The enjoy beng in the welcoming community and being with the children. We are so grateful for the lessons that they all teach us. They appreciate all things that will help them develope a means to provide a sustainable future for themselves and their families. They yearn for education.Piggery_2013?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Mary Alphonse Bradley Grant

Back in October 2012 we received a grant for a dormitory to house 😯 female students at the St Jerome COVE Center. Due to inclement weather it took longer to build than expected.

Here are the photos of the girls in their new home.  THANK YOU

A new beginning in their new home
IMG_0103 A new beginning in their new home