Pontifical Day in Uganda

A French Bishop, Charles de Forbin-Janson, founded the Society of Missionary Children in France in 1843. The bishop was so deeply affected by the distress of the Chinese children who had been abandoned in the streets, he was moved to found a society similar to the Propagation of Faith- but for children.  He wanted children, around the world, to carry on the mission of praying and offering some money to help the needy children everywhere. In a few short years, the concept of “Children Helping Children” spread all over Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa. The Society of Missionary Children was first established in Ireland in 1853 and was raised to the status of ‘Pontifical ‘in 1922 by Pope Pius X1. Children around the world, gathered in groups, form missionary awareness and support the many projects of solidarity for their peers.

In Uganda their society is locally known as The Missionary Society of St. Kizito. Children in Uganda carry out their activities with the motto of the society “Children helping Children”. Their Slogan is “Jesus is our friend, let us love one another”. During this day, the children take a leading role in liturgy, pray for all children, the universal church, and have special collections for the universal solidarity fund.  Children also offer items like food and clothing to help the needy children in their area.


The most unique thing about the choir is the choice of songs which is diverse from Luganda, to English and to Kiswahili.

On July 14th the Kapeeka parish organized the Pontifical day for the children. The St. Jerome Primary School choir sung at that event. All of the children from the Kapeeka parish attended and enjoyed the day.

The reed dressed dancers and melodious voices of the choir made all of the children get up and dance to the beat.


Mark 10:14  “ Let the children come to me” and the gospel were taken literally.  All of the children had their innocent eyes facing the alter.

God Bless the children and the St. Jerome Primary School choir.

Joseph Mukasa