Darlene October 17, 2012

Oct. 17

Nina was released yesterday at about 4 pm. Her hospital bill for one nights stay, ER services, 10 bottles of IV fluids, 5 antibiotic infusion, nursing care, discharge medications and about 7 lab test and cultures came to 200,100 UGX or $80.40.

We arrived back home here at about 8 pm. We all slept well last night.

Today I am out doing home visits. So far we have received white potatoes, sweet potatoes, sugar cane, a basket and 1 nkoko, chicken. It was comical watching 3 grown men chase the chicken. The chicken was winning until I opened the door to their house to get my backpack and it flew in. Bad mistake. Now we will have nkoko this week.

One of our sponsors purchased an mbeeze, pig, for a family. They have just received the mbeeze so we are going to pay for it and to take pictures. The girls in the family are trying to think of a name for it. That is unusual here. They do not normally name their farm animals.

It is very HOT here today. I can not paint because the area to be painted is in direct sun. We have men clearing the area for the Piggery but they have just told Richard that they are done for today because it is to hot and they fear the snakes that come in the heat. NOW I KNOW I WILL NOT BE GOING BACK THERE UNTILL IT IS CLEARED.

Nina did laundry and is now resting.





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