Darlene October 14- 16th

Oct. 14th   Sunday

It was a beautiful morning. We went to 8 am mass that is held outside at the parish. After mass it was more painting. We got a lot of painting done before Fr. Hilary arrived for a visit. He had to show us exactly where to start building the Piggery. Nina, Richard and Fr. Hilary all took a hike through the heavily wooded area but I stayed behind. I have not over come my fear of snakes so I stay out of areas where I think they might be. Hopefully we will break ground on Tuesday the 16th.

We also had a visit from Gabriel who is the brother of John Bosco. John Bosco is a seminarian friend of ours in the US. He gave us two papayas that we will enjoy later.

Tonight we are supposed to go to Richard’s to see his place and to play farkle.


Oct. 16th NO GROUND BREAKING TODAY/Hospital Care

Well we did go to Richard’s last night and Nina started feeling poorly so we didn’t stay long. During the night she got progressively worse. She had about 8 bouts of diarrhea and stomach cramping. At about 8 am I took her temp and it was 101. At 9 am after she complained of feeling worse I took her temp again and it was 102. The staff at our clinic tested her for malaria and typhoid and both were negative. At that point Fr. Hilary said he was calling his friend who worked at an upscale clinic in Nsambya. To me it is Kampala but I guess it is not officially. Anyway he wanted us to take her there. Sister Barbara met us and took us directly to an ER.   The staff was very careful and helpful. It is surely different being in a hospital here. When we got to the ER they asked me where our sheets were. I’m sure I looked dumb as I just looked at them and said “excuse me”. Over here you bring all of your own things with you. As it turned out Richard had to go and buy 3 lengths of cloth that are used to cover you on the gurney and in bed. There are 3 or 4 wooden stores right inside the entrance to the clinic property where you can buy supplies.  They started an IV on her right away and took blood for a CBC and electrolytes. Her blood sugar turned out to be extremely high and her B/P was extremely low. She looked and felt awful. She wanted to go back to our clinic in Kapeeka and get the IV therapy there but Fr. Hilary said no she must stay the night there. The male student put her in a wheelchair and we followed to what we thought was going to be a temporary room until a private was ready. Imagine our surprise when we entered a room lined with 8 beds on each side and the patients were all men. Immediately a Dr. appeared and asked “you are leaving her here? “. Then the female students started on him. “You can not leave a women in the men’s ward. Are you crazy” I’m sure he was glad to escape them. Then it was back to admitting for another room assignment. This time they sent us to the St Ann House on campus,(our temporary room) It turned out to be a 3 bed ward but no one else was in it. The In Charge came and apologized for the mix up and then helped settle us in. We did not plan on her being admitted so we had no medication or clothes with us. I did go to the little store to get 2 toothbrushes, toothpaste and a bar of soap. It cost me 2,500 Ugandan shillings. ($1 US) Fr. Hilary arrived with a suitcase packed with sheets, soap, toothpaste and blankets. After about an hour Richard and Fr. Hilary disappeared for a while. They returned with 2 outfits so that we would not have to sleep in our clothes. They also purchased a mosquito net for me to use, a basin for Nina to wash from and water bottles. I slept in one bed and Richard spent the night in a comfy chair in the room. I did have to get up with Nina each time at night so that I could help with the IV. I got up the one time to go out and tell the nurse that her IV was finished and was surprised to see people on the floor everywhere. Family members were lying on the floor next to and under beds. Some had straw mats and others were on the floor.

This morning she feels much better. She is sitting up in bed playing farkle and cards with Richard. Now we are waiting for the doctor to see if she can go home today.




4 thoughts on “Darlene October 14- 16th

  1. Susan Yokem October 25, 2012 / 7:57 AM

    I just saw this. Sounds like we’re all falling apart! 😀 Prayers for Nina!

    • carolnp93 October 30, 2012 / 5:46 AM

      Nina is doing well. She just had a hiccup in her usual whirlwind activities. All of the testing was normal and she is her usual self. Bless you all for your thoughtful prayers

      • Susan Yokem October 30, 2012 / 9:08 PM

        Glad she’s doing well. I just got out of the hospital yesterday after a week! Had some cellulitis going on in my R arm. Not sure how that happened! But I’m feeling much better now!

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