Darlene October 13, 2012

Saturday was a good day because the Strategic Planning was behind us. We started on the painting of the outside of the dormitory. The kids love to watch us and we have to keep asking them to stay off of the veranda. They are just curious. Today we left the yellow paint covered with plastic in a paint tray. When we came back we were shocked to see yellow paint all over the veranda. We didn’t know what happened because of the strange markings. Just at that time an nkoko, chicken, came walking by with yellow feet. He walked right thru the paint tray and the plastic tore. Another lesson learned. Always cover the paint with a basin.

Every once in awhile when we leave our supplies to have lunch we come back to a little mess that one of the kids have made. Children, around he world have to be reminded to pick up their rooms. As usual they were becoming sloppy and had to be reminded that their chores needed to be completed.

Later some of the kids came to us to see if they could finish their crafts. Now we have a list of kids that want make hook rugs in 2013. I think I will send a picture of the children with their finished products to the manufacturer, Caron. It would be nice if they would donate some kits for next year.

That evening, Richard, the administrator, had to transport a patient to Nakasake hospital. He had been in a boda boda, motorbike for hire, accident. They thought he might have had a broken leg plus other injuries. Thank God for the Mary Alphonse Bradley grant that allowed us to buy the vehicle to transport patients who need more emergent care.

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