Darlene October 9, 2012

Oct.9th  8 a.m.

What a beautiful day for their Independence Day. The kids are all busy cleaning up the basketball court and the net ball area. The games should start around 9:30. There will be 4 teams so they each have different colored shirts. I have on my yellow COVE shirt so I will be cheering on the yellow team.

Warming up before the games

10 p.m.The kids and teachers had a ball. The day started with sack races and then went to races where one child from each team had to walk the length of the dormitory field with a full soda bottle on their head. I couldn’t do it on a flat surface much less where they were walking. I think the spectators enjoyed it as much as the ones in the race. After that they had a break for porridge and tea. The next game was between two teachers, Angelia and Moses. They were each blindfolded and had to try and find the other one. I was surprised at how fast Angelia was running around with the blindfold on. I never did see who won.

Later there was a soccer game and then lunch. After lunch they played basketball. After about 30 minutes it started to rain but the game continued. In fact Fr. Hilary had arrived about an hour before the game and he went out and played basketball also. The rain didn’t stop him either. He seemed to be having a good time. He was telling us that he enjoyed playing at the seminary especially when Fr. Tom coached because they would always win. Volleyball was the next competition. Even Charles the laboratory technician from the health unit got in on that one. Finally they had a water balloon competition for the younger ones that could not play some of the earlier games. The children were paired up and they had to stand face to face with their hands over their heads. Then they had to put a balloon between them and get to the other end of the field without dropping it. Fr. Steven, the parish priest, stopped in while they were doing it and he decided that he and Richard should challenge Nina and I to a balloon race. As it turned out Nina and I did get to the end first but we put our balloon in the wrong container so we lost.

I’m sure the kids and teachers will sleep well after all of that.

Godfrey, our cook, joined Nina, Richard and I and we played Mexican Train. For those of you who don’t know what that is it’s a game played with dominos. At about 8:30 we decided to  make s’mores, since we never got around to having them last night. For the past 3 years we have brought the ingredients with us but we were surprised to find marshmallows in the  store this year. Godfrey had never had one and he  really liked them. He is great at roasting them to a perfect golden brown, just the way I like them.

I have to be up early in the morning so I will say sula bulungi, good night.


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