Darlene October 8, 2012

Today we have done a little of everything. Nina and I started the morning by taking a walk. We planned on going for about an hour but 5 min. into the walk Joseph came to ask where we were going. Then he said we had to be back by 9 am for the library tour at the St. Jerome Cove Center.  When we got back Michael was there. He is the facilitator for the Strategic Planning meetings that starts on Wed. He needed to talk with me but I had to cut it short so that I could get to a different  meeting. Thank God for small favors.
After the Library program we had to touch up a sloppy paint job that was done by someone else. We thought it would be a simple project but nothing is simple  over here. Our 15 min task turned into an hour. It looks so much better now so it was worth it.
Next we began to do  laundry the old fashion way. The mosauw, nurse, asked if that is how we wash clothes in the US. I told her I use to do it that way when I visited my grandparents in Canada but not since that time.
After lunch we had a tour at Kobgowe school. Because our vehicle is in the shop getting new shocks we had to go on two piki pikis, motorcycles. One was Richard’s and the other Joseph’s. I must admit it was more fun than I expected.  The ride there was uneventful but coming home was a different story. Three times we had to stop because Richard’s bike kept stalling. Nina was ready to walk home but we decided Joseph would bring me home and then return for her. It is very hot today in the sun and it would have taken over an hour to walk it. I think I may try traveling that way again.
I saw Felicita on Sunday. She is the child with the injured hand. She had a hugh pressure dressing on her hand that looked very bloody so we  took her to mosauw, nurse Cecilia to see if she knew what treatment had been rendered.   We were told that when Cecilia saw her the hand  and fingers were very hot and swollen. She decided to lance it so that it could be drained. It was full of pus. They now have her on antibiotics. The dressing was to be changed today and I wanted to observe but it didn’t work out that way. I did see her today and it looked much better.
Tomorrow is the 9th so they will be celebrating Independence Day. Nina and I hope to play Bingo with the kids and some other games. Naturally there will be football, netball and volleyball. The kids are really looking forward to the day.
Tonight, if things go as planned we will play Mexican Train with the staff and also roast marshmallows for s’mores. That sounds so good to me right now.
I’m trying to think of ways to escape from the Strategic Planning meetings.  I’ll let you know if I am successful.


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