Darlene October 4, 2012

Today has been pretty busy. We started the day by visiting the families of 3 sponsored children. The first family makes “home brew”. It looked like and smelled like Moonshine. They offered us some but we declined. They prepared us something we have not seen in our 5 visits to Uganda. It is a fruit that looks like black olives. In fact I thought they were but were called by a different name. They boil them,  dip them in salt and eat. I tried one bite and gave it to my sister. We were given matooke bananas to take home and also ground nuts. Godfrey fried them for us and we had them while playing games tonight.
At the home of jja jja omukazi (grandmother) of Paul we were welcomed and treated to steamed sweet potatoes, cassava, yams and bananas. We have known her now for 5 years and she is very special. I gave her a sweatshirt and she paraded around in it asking for pictures of her with it on. We had to promise to send her a copy so she can put it on her wall.
This afternoon while Nina and I were painting I heard a van drive up. When we looked out we saw 7 muzungus (white people) getting out. We went out to greet them and found out that they are from Italy and they support the Antonio Gallo school. We have sponsored children there. With them was Ronald Matouvu who was our first Sponsorship person. It was good to see him again. The Italian group gave a soccer ball to the school that we will use on the 9th when we have games to celebrate the Ugandan Independence Day. They were a lot of fun to visit with.
Tomorrow will be a painting day also. Hopefully we will finish the 3rd dorm room so that we can do the 4th one, that is being used as a classroom right now, on Saturday. After that we can start the outside.
I would also like to find time to interview the 2 new staff members so that you can meet them.. One of them is replacing Mr. Herbert who is taking more classes at University and the other is being oriented to be the 5th grade teacher next year. The children seem to like both Mr. Moses and Ms Gift.
Last week I wrote about the little girl that was shoved while playing and she injured her hand. Last night she was screaming because her hand hurt so much. We saw her this morning and it is still swollen and painful. We asked Richard to please get in touch with someone so that they can check her again. He called the Bishop Asili clinic and we have an appt. in the morning. Lets hope they find the problem this time and can take care of it. I will let you know what happens.
The rains continue to come each day and creates a  mess. It was badly needed so I am not complaining. However,  it does make traveling to some of the homes impossible.
Yesterday we visited 2 schools that received books from the Bookfriends/COVE book project. At St. Kizito’s they are still unpacking because they received so many more books than they expected.  They are creating a whole new area as the library to accommodate these precious books.. The new library will consist of 3 adjoining room with tables to work at,  as well as one room with the books. The headmaster said that having a library has always been a dream of his. He knew that some how, someway God would fill the library.
At St. Cyprian,  the Sister had metal book shelves made. I think they are the best we have seen. The library at that school is immaculate and totally organized. She also said she received more books than expected. I think her system will be the one to watch. Next term she will provide a library card for each student. She is so thrilled to have books that are beyond the syllabus.
Well once again it is time to say sula bulungi(good night).

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