Sept. 28, 2012

By Darlene Frantonius

The day started a little on the cool side. I actually had to wear a sweatshirt, for the first time, until Nina and I took our walk at 9am. Now the sun is out so hopefully our laundry will dry before the afternoon rain comes.

There is an HIV/AIDS clinic today at St. Jerome so we will be observing that for a couple of hours. I’m not sure how many people will come. They tell us there is no way to predict the turn out. After lunch we will continue painting in the dorms. We have 3 rooms to do yet and then the outside of the building.

Yesterday Richard  had to take a primary 1 student for x-rays. Her hand was more than twice the normal size. It seems she was pushed on Wed. and fell on her hand. It started swelling and became very painful. For me it was de-javu. In 2003 I fractured the navicular bone in my right hand and ended up in a cast for over 3 months. Felicitas’s hand looked just like mine. They did take her to the Bishop Asili clinic in Luweero for an x-ray and decided there was no fracture. Later last night they showed us the x-ray films and report. From the looks of the report they x-rayed the 2 bones in the lower arm with no emphasis on the hand. I pray they are right and she does not suffer with this.

Yesterday was market day in Nalavula so we walked there to purchase shoes for our sponsored children and to get a bar of the blue soap that they use here in Uganda. I can’t believe how well it gets out the red dirt that is everywhere. It can’t be that good and be environmentally friendly at the same time. Speaking of the environment the trees that were planted here 2 years ago are really growing fast. Lots of pine trees were planted in front of the campus and also on the back hill to reduce erosion. New ones will be planted when they harvest the old ones for firewood.

Right now there are US Marines at the Singo Army base down the road. They travel to Kampala each night for lodging and then have to be back here at 6:30am. It is about an hour and a half trip in decent traffic. We hope to be able to meet with them before they go back to the US. Nina’s son and grandson are both Marines so she is very anxious to meet with them.

The children are outside the door asking me to “please thank my dear sponsor”. So I am doing that at this time. Many of them request that I have their sponsors send them a picture of their family. Other children proudly show me the pictures they have. I think they believe that we know each sponsor personally. They are just about to have their break for porridge. Yesterday Fr. Hilary delivered some sweet potato from his garden. The children will get them on Sunday as a special treat. You should have seen them when they heard they were for them. They started rolling the bags of potatoes to the kitchen.

Until later, peace and blessings,


Oct. 1st

I think this is day 6 without power but I am not sure. I have stopped counting. It did come on last night from 10:30pm until 7:30 am but I was asleep. I purchased a coffee maker last week because I miss my morning coffee. I had it set to go and Nina was up early enough to turn it on so it was a treat for me today to get brewed coffee.

Yesterday after mass Nina and I came back to our room and found a patient in the OB department at the clinic. Our room is right next to the labor room so we know when something is going on in there. The patient came in hemorraging at 20 weeks and she ended up losing the baby. That was sad. We gave her a cross necklace and told her we were so sorry.

Some of the grade 4 students had a good time yesterday working on a project that Nina brought with her. She purchased 8×8 rug hooking kits for some of them,  so she was teaching a class. Most of them caught on fast. Even when it was dark they did not want to stop.  She promised to bring more next year.

Fr. Hilary surprised us by stopping by yesterday. First we had a meeting for about 2 hours and then we went out to celebrate my daughters 42nd birthday. That meant going to the restaurant for a soda and to play farkle. I will have to repeat it on the 3rd to celebrate my  other daughters 40th birthday. While traveling about we came upon a group of women that were working on a micro financing projects. They were Pentecostals and they warmly welcomed Father and the rest of us. The crafts were really beautiful and colorful.

In our travels yesterday we visited a “Pig Palace”. We were very interested because COVE is in the process of preparing to start a Piggery Project. Hopefully we will begin construction soon. The project is being funded by Highland Middle School in Libertyville, IL.

At the HIV clinic last week they tested 163 patients. There were 7 positives. I wish it would have been fewer. From what I read in the  papers here,  the incidents of HIV/AIDS in increasing after years of decreasing. Let’s pray it turns around again.

Lunch is here so I will close.



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  1. Susan Gray October 3, 2012 / 4:55 PM

    Hi Darlene and Nina
    Glad to hear things are going well. Your adventures sound wonderful.

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