Uganda Delegates 2012

By Darlene Frantonius

September 14th



This has been an exciting week for us. We started visiting families on Monday afternoon and continued throughout the week.  As usual we have been given many  many gifts of produce. The pumpkins have been fantastic. They are more like our sweet potato. Matoke, a  staple here in Uganda, is made from bananas. Neither of us have acquired a taste for that yet so when we receive a gift of matoke bananas we give them to the staff and children.   We cherish the sweet bananas however and they don’t last long once we put them out. The families of the sponsored children are always telling us to let you the sponsors know how much they appreciate the support that you give to their children. They are very sincere.

We also started visiting schools that were part of the Library Books Project. That has been so exciting. There was some concern as to wether or not the schools would prepare for the books. I can tell you THEY HAVE. At Balitera School the headmistress told us she was expecting about 100 books so she prepared a small temporary building to house them. She was shock  when she received 1593 books. Upon returning to her school she immediately called her parents group and told them they needed a larger temporary building to house one of the classes.  They are moving the students out of one of the classrooms  and turning it into  the library. She has logged each book by title, author, published date and category. I was quite amazed.

At the Kafampa school the students made up a poem of thanks and put ti to music. I really wish I had a video of that to show all of you.

The Gargano school treated us to music, dance and lawn games. We had a ball as we watched the children suck up water from a basin, run down the field with the water in their mouths, deposit it into a pop bottle that they could not touch and then return for more water. The first one to fill the bottle to the top then picked it up and had to walk with it balanced on their head to the finish line. We stayed for 2 other games and then we had to leave. We invited ourselves back next year and proposed a challenge match between our COVE staff and their teachers  in a sack race.They are also in the process of making a separate building for the library. At this time the books are in the office.

At Kaddunda school the headmaster told us that in the district COVE is being recognized as the school to watch. They are all impressed with the fact that COVE initiated the concept of libraries in the schools .  They had already prepared a classroom to be used as the library.

I had to take a short break as Nina and I went to watch the birth of a healthy baby girl. Our room is next to the labor room and we knew there was a woman in labor. Innocent, the nurse, said she would call us when mom was ready to deliver. At 11pm we didn’t hear any noises from her room so we figured she was early on in her labor and we would go to bed until called. About 5 min. later she said they were ready. The young mom left out a very little grunting noise and the head delivered. From my OB experience and my own I remember the mothers being a little more vocal.

Sat. morning

I am getting ready to work in the garden with the children and Nina is going to wash walls in the dorm with other children. Next week we will start the painting in the dorm.

This is suppose to be their rainy planting season but in the past week we have received very little rain. The rain barrels are empty so we are relying on the borehole. The sky is very cloudy now so perhaps we will get rain today.

Sunday morning

We have just returned from church and learned that the pump is broken. Someone is due here today to fix it. Let’s hope it is a minor repair.

Greetings and thank you from the staff, board and administration for all you do.

Darlene or as Fr. Hilary has named me, Peter.


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