Greeting on our…

Greeting on our first full day in Kapeeka. Nina and I just finished a 40 min walk so now it is time to get down to business. Our first attempt at a power walk didn’t pan out. We met friends along the way and did more visiting than walking. After that we came back and decided to take a less populated road  thinking we wouldn’t know anyone. Five minutes into our walk we met baby Darlene’s aunt and we visited with her. We really do enjoy visiting with the friends we have made over the past 5 years. 

Our first flight on Turkish Airlines was very nice. Our flight into Istanbul was beautiful. That may be as close as I will ever get to visiting Turkey. We arrived at Entebbe airport at 3am.The processing thru customs and getting our luggage went very fast. By 3:30 we were outside waiting for Richard to pick us up. Immediately a taxi driver wanted to know if we needed a ride. We told him no that our friends would be there soon. Fifteen minutes later he asked if we had talked with our friends. We told him we know all about Ugandan time so we would wait until 4 am. Well when that time rolled around I called Richard and asked “Richard, are you coming to get us”?” Oh yes, mom, I will be there” was his rely. When asked how long until he arrived he just said he would be on his way. Nina always travels with her Farkle dice so we found a bench outside and started playing. By 5 am we were deep into the game when we heard a voice say “I knew that they would be playing Farkle”. We were surprised to see Fr. Hilary and 2 friends of his as well as Richard.    

Fr. Hilary arranged for us to get a room at the Flight Motel just to freshen up and shower. Being as it was Sunday we needed to clean up for mass. Just by chance his friend, the owner, was there and he told us there would be no charge. That was a nice start to the day. After cleaning up we had breakfast there. I was really ready for a cup of coffee! 

From there we went to the 8am service and then grocery shopping. For those of you who have been here you will appreciate this. Do all of your shopping on Sunday. THERE IS NO TRAFFIC! We made it from Kampala to Kapeeka in record time. Another plus is that Christ The King Church has  a mass every hour. That means no more 2 hour masses.

As usual on our arrival at the COVE Center we were greeted by singing children. Wow, how I have missed their beautiful smiling faces. We spent a little time visiting with the children before going to visit mama Muheeza, Fr. Hilary’s mother.

This morning I was wished birthday greeting by Nina and some  staff members. This afternoon we will start doing visits to the homes of some of the sponsored children. That is always a highlight.

I hope to send updates frequently. Thanks to all of you who help COVE do it’s work.




One thought on “Greeting on our…

  1. Annette September 26, 2012 / 4:47 PM

    Lovely introductions and the usual unmatchable hospitality! Wonderful!

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